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Yonatan a perfect baby boy was born with a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 (Up) Syndrome.
Just like any child who is born to this world or maybe a bit more than a regular child, he filled his family's life with the greatest joy and laughter,
but unlike a regular child, he is dealing with certain challenges, difficulties and delays.
At the beginning it was mainly physical delays, anything that was natural to a regular child was not for Yonatan, he had to learn how to use his body properly to be able to walk and we spent a lot at physiotherapy sessions improving his gross motor skills. Thank god Yonatan is easily self-motivated to move and therefore it was not hard to make him learn and improve physical abilities.
Just like any child, Yonatan loves to spend time at the park to swing and slide,
but unlike a regular child, he is also loves to share his unique ability to spread free love to everyone.
Just like any child, he has things he is fascinated about. He adores music,
but unlike a regular child, he can play with drum sticks for hours.
Just like any child, he is fun to be with,
but unlike a regular child, he makes every situation a real fun adventure and his endless positivity ensures constant enjoyment around him.
Just like any child, he loves to get attention and affection,
but unlike a regular child, his verbal communication skills are delayed and the fact that he is less self-motivated to use verbal communication makes it challenging for him to express what he wants verbally, but he uses sign language to communicate.
Just like any child, he loves devices to watch cartoons and to interact with mobiles,
but unlike a regular child, he is having difficulties to easily use the screen because of complexity of most of the apps, and even with watching a cartoon on a mobile, he can press the interface button and lose the point to continue watching and enjoying.
That is how the idea of creating a series of educational apps for kids with special needs, who have difficulties of any level of verbal communication delays. It had to be the easiest one to Yonatans users to best efficient results.
All our applications are free! Please donate so we could develop more apps for your awesome kids.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
All the best,
Yonatans team.